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Specialists dealing with the development of artificial intelligence, digitization and innovative robotics from Czechia and Luxembourg attended the all-day scientific-industrial seminar and match-making / B2B event.

Panelists from the academic sphere (Brno University of Technology, Czech Technical University Prague, Technical University of Ostrava, University of West Bohemia and University Luxembourg), central Luxembourg and Czech state agencies (for the space industry, and private industrial enterprises (ESC Aerospace , Certicon) were the industry leaders in all cases.


Likewise, in most cases, the auditors were experts or enthusiastic specialists following the development of the current generation of robotics and representatives of companies implementing robotic systems in practical research and production. Except specialized (Luxembourg or LU-based) accelerators (City Incubator) and start-ups (Esferatros, Mexico Robotic and Digital) and companies (audiovisual production / Invisible; auto-production, accumulators and batteries / Accumalux; banks and insurance, audit and tax consultancy / BDO, KPMG Inmarsol; steel industry / ArcelorMittal, Astron, Paul Wurth; aviation / CTI Systems, Emtronix; food / Kerry Group, LSG; software / Nvidia; wholesale / Amazon; space industry / iSpace, ESPACE 2001, SES ; valve production / Rotarex) was attended by representatives of the Luxembourg healthcare digitization agencies / e-Santé and innovations / LuxInnovation and a representative of the Czech Investment Development Agency / CzechInvest, a representative of the NSPA Alliance Agency and staff of some Czech Embassies (BE, FR, NL)


The program consisted of 3 thematic blocks (1 / Industrial Robotics; 2 / Mobile and Field Robotics, 3 / Machine Perception and Video Analysis) and visits to the University of Luxembourg's robot workplace with practical demonstrations of drone functionality, autonomous vehicle development and human-robot interaction. virtual reality environment.

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