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The team of Daniel Georgiev was awarded with the Price of the City of Pilsen.

The eight-member research team was awarded with the Price of the City of Pilsen by the Mayor Martin Zrzavecký. The team of Daniel Georgiev got the award on the occasion of celebration of the creation of independent Czechoslovakia.

Young researchers succeeded last fall in the contest, held by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA, They discover The IOD Band and won a total of eight gold medals. By the discovery of the "smart" yeast that were using genetic modifications programmed to function diagnosing metastasis of cancer cells. In its final form, this sophisticated biosensor enables timely localize the tumor and identify potential direction of propagation.

The team has eight members, four are from the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia (Hynek Kasl, Vaclav Pelíšek, Anna Sosnová, Jiří Louda), three of the Natural Sciences Faculty of Charles University (Martin Cienciala Veronika Kolejáková, Filip Nemčko), one of the Medical Faculty Charles University in Pilsen (John Bejvl), five PhD students from the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen was their advisors (Tereza Puchrová, George Fatka, Pavel Fikar, Kate Pěchotová, Pavel Zach). Leaded by Daniel Georgiev and the scientific director of the NTIS Reasearch center Eduard Janecek.