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The NTIS Research Centre has been a research and development centre of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen since 2015.

The research topics of the centre carries out research and development in technical fields such as cyberneticsinformatics and mechanics, which are crucial for the development of information, communication and mechatronic technologies. The Centre is also oriented towards the development of natural sciences, dominated by physicsmathematics and geomatics. Research topics in the natural sciences include in particular the development of new thin-film materials and plasma sources, the development of new mathematical structures, and the collection and processing of spatially defined data.

The NTIS Research Centre, which is so far the largest investment in the history of the University of West Bohemia, is the only research centre of its kind in western Bohemia and one of eight centres of excellence in the Czech Republic.

About two hundred scientists and researchers work for the NTIS Research Centre; a substantial number of them being experts from the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Thanks to a unique combination of natural sciences and engineering sciences backgrounds, researchers have been achieving outstanding scientific research results for many years. For their research and experiments, scientists and researchers at the Centre can use modern facilities with work rooms and laboratories equipped with cutting-edge devices and technologies worth around 800 thousand EUR.