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NTIS – New Technologies for the Information Society

The Centre came into existence mainly thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund, from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation, Priority Axis 1: European Centres of Excellence. The NTIS Research Centre, which is so far the largest investment in the history of the University of West Bohemia, is the only research centre of its kind in western Bohemia and one of eight centres of excellence in the Czech Republic.

The mission of the NTIS Research Centre is research, development and innovation in the priority directions of “Information Society“ and “Materials Research“. Activities of the Centre are focused on the development of cybernetics, computer science and mechanics - disciplines which are crucial for the development and application of information, communication and mechatronic technologies, and the development of the scientific disciplines of physics and geomatics. Mathematical modelling support for the systems and processes researched, and the development of appropriate mathematical structures themselves, have a key role in these activities.