Design and implementation of control systems

We offer complex development of custom control systems for the existing or new machines andtechnologies. We can assist in upgrading or optimizing legacy control systems. We specialize in non-standard, time-critical applications where traditional solutions do not perform satisfactorily. Typically these include prototype technologies, machines, research, experimental and testing stands. We may also perform remote control system management or monitoring.


Control system design usually consists of:

  • Identifying key dynamic properties of the machine or process;
  • Thorough mathematical-physical modelling;
  • Design of suitable control structures, debugging, optimizing controller parameters;
  • Design and development of operator interfaces (HMI) as required by the customer;
  • Deployment.


Long-term experience shows that almost any machine or process can be optimized by introducing a sophisticated control algorithm based on detailed theoretical knowledge and understanding of the physical nature of the problem. Optimization leads to economic benefits and improved product quality.


  • Experimental nuclear reactor (Nuclear Research Institute Řež);
  • Carding machine (Research Institute of Textile Machines);
  • Jet loom (Research Institute of Textile Machines);
  • Torque cells calibration stand control system (ZF Engineering);
  • High pressure generator for calibration purposes (ZF Engineering, University of West Bohemia);
  • Experimental braking system stand control system (NTC/Škoda Auto);
  • 1-MW steam turbine control system (ŠKODA Power);
  • Active rotor blade vibration dampening (University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering);
  • Active rod vibration dampening (University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering);
  • Thin film deposition technologies – zirconium (University of West Bohemia, Department of Physics).


Adjusting industrial controllers in difficult-to-control systems

Various studies show that 60 to 80% of control loops do not perform well for the following reasons:

  • 25% operate in manual mode;
  • 30% operate with default parameter settings;
  • 30% suffers from actuator or sensor issues.


This fact, caused by the lack of qualified experts, causes considerable cost and energy loss, and leads to reduction of life span in machines and technologies, although savings amounting to hundreds of thousand CZK could be achieved by optimizing just on the heating control loop. Controller adjustment is the key to systems that are difficult to control (such as slow feedback systems).


We propose to analyse the quality of your current control solution, identify problematic loops and sources of faults, and to optimize – adjust industrial controllers.



  • PMA's PID controller adjustment software, developed by our team, is being used by companies such as Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen, AREVA, Sony, Robert Bosch, or Max-Planck-Institut Köln.


Developing software for real-time control systems and industrial communication

At present, control algorithm sophistication and quality are not limited by hardware capacity, but rather by the system used in the development phase. Only a high-quality design system with a graphical control strategyconfigurator, intelligent built-in algorithms and preview simulation capabilities can provide flawless results.

We offer implementing the tools and an extensive intelligent function block library with the manufacturer's control HW, and potentially also integration with company control SW. We can provide experience in various types of HW:

  • Industrial PCs
  • PAC/PLCs
  • Integrated control boards, microcomputers
  • Single-purpose microcontrollers


Commercial success of control HW units also depends on their ability to support modern industrialcommunication standards. We offer implementation of the following communication standards with the respective manufacturer's control HW:

  • EtherCAT
  • Ethernet POWERLINK
  • CAN / CANopen
  • Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU
  • OPC Data Access 2.0 and 3.0



  • Controller function blocks for the PMA Company (WEST CS);
  • Function blocks for the ZAT Plant Suite MP Control System;
  • Function blocks for TECO Control Systems;
  • Advanced temperature controllers for a plastics injection moulding machine (PMA Company, WEBER);
  • Implementing an intelligent function blocks library for LabView (for ZF Engineering);
  • Implementing a function block library for a B&R Control SW.


SW tools for automated adjustment of industrial controllers

Tools for automated adjustment of industrial controllers are necessary for maintaining the optimal state of machines and processes. Most heuristic methods of automated adjustment, built into contemporary commercial controllers, fail. That is why over 60% of controllers work in manual mode, or rely on default parameter values. This leads to extra costs, energy loss and reduced life span of the affected equipment.


We offer reliable (theoretically sound) models for automated industrial controller adjustment, proven in Czech and foreign control systems. Several implementation methods are available:

  • Special-purpose SW communicating with the manufacturer's compact controller;
  • Ready-made function block integrated in the manufacturer's control system;
  • Code adjusted to and implemented directly in the manufacturer's compact controller


  • Controller function blocks for the PMA Company (WEST CS);
  • Function blocks for the ZAT Plant Suite MP Control System;
  • Function blocks for TECO Control Systems.


Specialized robot, stand and manipulator development

We cooperate with our partners to develop and produce special-purpose stands, manipulators and robots(including their control systems, operator interfaces and deployment). Our solutions are suitable for rapid development of single-purpose machines or machine prototypes.


  • Robotic manipulator for chemically aggressive environments (EuroTec JKR);
  • Universal manipulator for state-of-the-art ultrasound inspection of welded joints in nuclear power plant piping systems (Nuclear Research Institute Řež);
  • Testing stand for measuring automobile steering shaft tolerance (Fuji Koyo Czech).


Mathematical modelling, real-time simulation

We design mathematical models to be used in designing, developing or optimizing either new or existing machines/technologies, including their control systems and visualization. We rely on modern rapid development techniques which allow us to verify individual development phases through various kinds of simulation. A mathematical model of the machine or technology is designed by the technique of multiphysical componentmodelling. Simulations minimize defects in the design of the control system as well as the machine itself, and provide for timely implementation of a working prototype. As a by-product, the special technology used in the process also yields a virtual model of the machine, including its operator interfaces, which can be used in education, fast and safe personnel training, or promotion.


The following types of simulation are available during the development phase:

  • MIL – Model in the Loop – mathematical model and the control system are simulated in a simulated environment;
  • SIL – Software in the Loop – mathematical model simulated in real time, together with the control system in a single computer;
  • PIL – Processor in the Loop – mathematical model is simulated in real time, the control system runs on the target platform, data exchange runs over industrial communication lines and bypasses I/O modules;
  • HIL – Hardware in the Loop – same as PIL but I/O interfaces are used and sensors and actuators are emulated.



  • Robotic manipulator for chemically aggressive environments (EuroTec JKR);
  • Universal manipulator for state-of-the-art ultrasound inspection of welded joints in nuclear power plant piping systems (Nuclear Research Institute Řež);
  • Parallel industrial robot development (with the ATEGA Company);
  • Educational model development (rotating inverted pendulum, robotic sea lion).


Training and consulting

We provide training and consulting for companies and experts:

  • PID controlling basics;
  • Advanced PID controlling and PID controller optimization;
  • Motion control (drives, motion control, PLCopen Standard);
  • Vibration dampening (feedback, feedforward);
  • Predictive control;
  • Robust control;
  • Multiphysical modelling, rapid prototyping;
  • Other topics per request.


We provide consulting in automation and robotics issues.


  • Industrial control consulting for the ZAT Company;
  • Industrial control consulting for the Teco Company.


Demanding measuring and control equipment

We offer the use of state-of-the-art devices and sensors for demanding measuring and control:

  • dSPACE equipment (read more at suitable for extremely demanding measuring and control. It can be used for one-off data collection during development, or as a prototype HW for developing complex control systems.
  • State-of-the-art Keyence laser distance sensors for precision distance measurements, suitable for instance for demanding profilometry.
  • Technology for analysing and measuring vibrations in machines, support structures, etc.


Our HW can be used to perform extensive one-off measurement as per our customers' requirements.