Modelling of Structures subject to Dynamic Loads

The focus of the research team is to develop methodologies for the identification of composite materials’ properties based on their behaviour under dynamic load. The team focuses on designing dynamically-loaded composite structures that monitor their status during operation and adjust their behaviour as needed, reduce noise levels, suppress vibrations, modify their rigidity characteristics and identify their operational failures in order to evaluate these failures and determine the residual strength of these structures. Further activities include the development of new methods and algorithms for mathematical modelling of large passive and active mechanical systems containing non-linear couplings in order to optimize their dynamic properties.

Potential customers include manufacturers of power generation and nuclear systems, wind farm operators, manufacturers of transport equipment, manufacturing machinery and aircraft parts. A long-term cooperation has been established with ÚJV Řež in the field of increasing seismic resilience of primary circuits of nuclear VVER reactors and with Compo Tech in the field of composite materials.