Achievements and Awards

  • Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2015 – The Identification and Decision Making Research Group (IDM) was awarded one of the main prizes in the Werner von Siemens Excellence Award in “The Most Outstanding Basic Research Achievement” category. The team consisting of Miroslav Šimandl, Jindřich Duník, Ivo Punčochář and Ondřej Straka was recognized for the project entitled “Novel Approaches and Methods of Nonlinear State Estimation and Optimal Decision under Uncertainty“.

  • Jan Škach, a Ph.D. student, obtained the prestigious Fulbright-Masaryk scholarship to research approximation methods in the field of active fault detection.

  • At the FUSION 2012 Conference, Jiří Ajgl received a student travel grant for his article entitled “Conservative Merging of Hypotheses Given by Probability Densities” by J. Ajgl and M. Šimandl.

  • At the FUSION 2013 Conference, the article “Truncated Randomized Unscented Kalman Filter for Interval Constrained State Estimation” by O. Straka, J. Duník, M. Šimandl and A. Havlík was recognized as one of the top five articles presented at the Conference. 

  • The article entitled “Derivative-Free Estimation Methods: New Results and Performance Analysis”, Automatica, vol. 45, no. 7, pp. 1749-1757, 2009 by M. Šimandl and J. Duník was recognized by the R&D Council as an excellent achievement in the Pillar II category (2014).